Traci Moore


Traci Moore, a Dallas native began her career in makeup in January 2009. It is no surprise that Traci has taken the makeup world by storm. Her creative eye, attention to detail and positive energy has never allowed her to be one to fade into the background. Drawing inspiration from 12 years as an international award winning nail artist, countless nail laquers, and abstract nail art, made the transition from nail artist to makeup artist an easy one.

With pigments and creams as her medium, brushes as her tools, and the face as her canvass, Traci tells a story of beauty, fluid creativity, and individuality.

Her down to earth approach to connecting with her clients and her commitment to delivering the client’s vision pales only in comparison to her inherent natural ability.

Whether she’s in a salon, back stage at a fashion show or in the privacy of a photographer’s studio, Traci’s work is as versatile as it is unique, with an injection of her own personal style.


  • makeup artist
  • stylist
  • styling
  • artistic direction
  • artist
  • nails
  • manicurist
  • nail artist
  • jewelry designer


  • Nails
  • Makeup
  • Styling
  • Artistic Direction